domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Analyzing an Ad

The product that is being advertised is Internet. And it was shown on TV a long time ago, as the prize of this product was $19, 00. In these days it is impossible to get a product like that with only a few pesos. The AD employs humor and at the same time personal testimonial. The man, who tells people about his problem with his hair, is showing others that he will have a solution if they buy that service. In this AD there is no celebrity making propaganda of the product, instead an ordinary man is chosen to narrate his own story, and thus the consumer realize that the product which is being advertised is allowed to standard people.

What really caught my attention most was the humor that was used, I think that Humor is an exceptional strategy to get others attention. Personally I really like Arnet´s propagandas as they are extremely creative and very intelligent when they have to choose a theme to advertise. They always share a story to be told in front of the public; although it is not the case they sometimes select different famous people like actors, singers, etc to perform it.

On the other hand I have to say that the fact that it is not a true story, some people could find this advertisement as a joke and not as an incredible promotion. There are many who prefer buying something which is shown by a famous person than a simple man who is making you laugh.
Personally I love buying things that are well known, I do not mind spending a lot of money for a t-shirt, skirt, trousers, shoes. I love shops like LEVI´S, KOSIUKO, MUAA, 47 STREET, because in spite of being a bit expensive, I am completely sure that the clothes you purchase in those places are good enough that you will not have any problem after the buy.

In my opinion the best option is to buy something that costs a bit more but then it will not have any problems, however there are exceptions, you can find a place that has low prizes and sells also good things, but they are only a few, I am a great consumer, I love clothes and spending money.
If I like something and I have the money with me, I do not doubt any second. 

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